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This is what previous course participants have said


  • “ Thank you for a wonderful morning, I learnt so much and really enjoyed it. It was great to meet you and to have such a knowledgeable raw food person to learn from and take inspiration from. I found that the information presented was practical and especially enjoyed the slide shows which illustrated exactly how to go about the sprouting.
  • 'I never imagined raw food could taste so good, my taste buds were truly tantalised and my body felt immediate benefits! Thank you Serna you are a raw inspiration.'
  • I have to tell you your Introduction to Raw food workshop was awesome. I never thought I would drink almond milk! The workshop was both informative and interesting. It was an eye opener realising that food could still be yummies without the cooking process.
  • Thank you so very much for the most interesting “Introduction to Raw Foods” which my husband and I attended together with my sister on Saturday. We learned a great deal more than we had anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed tasting so many new flavours. You know your subject well and deliver it in a warm and friendly manner which encouraged our group to relax. We are eagerly experi-menting with the recipes you shared and are amazed at how simple they are and our results would make you proud of how much we learned. Many, many thanks
  • I want to say thank so, so much for your wonderful, informative, inspiring and most practical workshop. This is probably the only workshop I have been to and could apply what I have learned the very next day. By the end of the week I had implemented a lot of what I learned from the workshop. Truth is there is still more I need to use, that is just a reflection of the value and quality of the workshop. It is loaded with priceless diet and health advice that is easy to apply. I can already feel a difference, my energy levels are better and my weight is coming down as my clothes fit much better. This will most definitely be the first winter in many, many, many years, I will go through without gaining weight! Your passion, energy, honesty and pure heart are in a wonderful place and you are making a difference to “planet earth”. God bless,


Workshop about the Microbiome and the "Secret" of how to heal our gut naturally. And WHY maintaining your Colon Health is so important! WHAT YOU EAT, can either be the safest and most powerful form of MEDICINE or the slowest form of POISON!
  • Wow! What a fantastic day. If any of you haven't had an opportunity to be part of Dr Mel's workshop, it is highly recommended that you attend on Saturday, 1 August (contact Serna for bookings - hopefully there is still place).
  • I finally understand me. Dr Mel deals with her topic in a loving, kind, non judgemental and gentle manner. She is extremely generous when sharing her knowledge. I am so glad to have been part of the process Serna, thanks for facilitating as well as the delicious lunch.
  • I second that...thanks Dr Mel, Jane and Serna. You guys do such fantastic work. The gut health workshop was awesome. If I had this knowledge and knew Dr Mel at the time I went down with Colitis, I would never have needed to be hospitalised and stuffed with antibiotics and cortisone that poisoned me more than healed me. So Dr Mel thanks for sharing your wonderful insightful knowledge of truth with all of us. Highly recommend the workshop to everyone.
  • Thank you to EVERYONE for making it such a special day! Dr Mel you are awesome!!! The informal sharing on the lawn and at lunch was an extra bonus !
  • Thank you Jane for sharing so generously and for your amazing EMs now happily in Raw Works shop
  • Thank you so much for the amazing talk and day yesterday. I really appreciate all the hard work you and Ayanda put in to make such a special day for us. Thank you to both of you!


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