Probac Surface and Outdoor Cleaning

PROBAC KITCHEN CLEANER: All kitchen surfaces including oven cleaning.

PROBAC BATHROOM CLEANER: All Bathroom surfaces especially showers & toilets.

PROBAC FLOOR & TILE CLEANER: All hard floor surfaces including wood & laminates.

LAUNDRY PRE-SPOTTER: Pre-spot tough organic stains for boosted cleaning

PROBAC TOILET CLEANER: High density ablutions – toilets & urinals.

PROBAC OUTDOOR BIN CLEANER: Bins, bin areas, loading docks, drains & kennels.


750 ml in use concentrate: R49.99

1 Litre in use concentrate: R65.00

Promotion Combo (1 Litre concentrate & 750 ml ready to use): R107 makes 6 x 750 ml @ R17.83 per 750 ml

5 Litre in use concentrate: R 299 (R44 per 750 ml)


PROBAC® products exhibit exceptional odour control by virtue of the PROBIOTIC activity, which replaces mal-odour producing bacteria with good bacteria that release an odourless Co2 as a by-product. PROBAC products also contain an inert, non-toxic ingredient that binds odour molecules so that they do not become volatile and travel to the nose. This double odour control and unique cleaning process elevates PROBAC to being the undisputed world leader in advanced  “PROBIOTIC” cleaning technology.

PROBAC® concentrated and ready-to-use spray cleaners are specially formulated to empower each individual, commercial and household consumer to make the choice to reduce the use of packaging and waste by an amazing 70% or more when compared to regular strength products. By simply diluting these concentrated products with water and using them as described on the labels, the cost savings are also substantial.

Free & rapid rinsing • Gentle to skin & surfaces • GOOD for Septic Tank activity.



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