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Oscar DA 900 (white)


Oscar Juicer DA900 is a slow RPM single auger, cold extraction, masticating type juicer. Multiple tasks include JUICING fruit, vegetables, grasses, herbs and greens, MINCING seasonings, GRINDING grain, PULVERISING frozen fruit dessert, CREAMING baby food and nut butters and it EXTRUDES pasta.
Optional oil extractor.



Oscar Juicer DA900
Oscar Juicer DA900 is manufactured by the original Oscar Juicer designers. This international Award winning 3 stage single auger stonemill-type juicer is designed to extract the liquid contents (and some pulp if desired) from a large variety of fruits and vegetables, greens and grasses.

The juice from the Oscar Juicer DA900 is totally different from the common centrifugal juicer found in superstores. Operating almost noiselessly at only 80 rpm, it crushes and squeezes the juice out of the fruit, vegetable or grass; it can even juice pine needles. Known as cold extraction juice, this juice is acknowledged in international health circles to be the best quality and therefore the 1st choice for healing and maintenance of health.

In addition to its superb juicing abilities the Oscar Juicer DA900 can do a lot of multi-tasking making it very exceptional and unique.
The machine is a really neat counter-top unit suitable for even the smallest kitchen. The front end can be detached and stored in a cupboard and can even be stored in a plastic bag in the fridge for a 2nd juicing in the day as a real time saver.

This is an uncomplicated, easy to operate juicer and exceptionally easy to clean.

The method of extraction holds herbicides and pesticides back into the pulp which, when ejected is very dry making the Oscar Juicer DA900 a truly economical juice extractor.

Offering a 20 year warranty on the motor and a 2 year warranty on the processing parts, the Oscar Juicer conforms to international and South African standards of safety. The functional design of the Oscar Juicer DA900 is well proven and has been so successful that this juicer remains the leader in single auger juicers.

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What can the Oscar Juicer DA900 do?

  • Juice vegetables and leafy greens
  • Juice fruit
  • Juice wheat and barley grass
  • Purees baby food
  • Extrudes home-made pasta
  • Grind grains into flour; and coffee beans
  • Minces fish, meat and spices
  • Prepares raw food delights -pates, patties, raw cookies, Essene bread etc.


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