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Manual Farre Juicer


Made to juice WHEATGRASS perfectly!
Also juices other vegetables.  Now you can juice while camping or during load-shedding

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The Farre Healthy Juicer is a quality unit that is highly recommended by Michael Bergonzi, the greenhouse manager at Hippocrates Health Institute in USA. Michael grew all the wheatgrass for the Institute and recommended the Farre Juicer as a superb manual juicer for wheatgrass.

The Farre Healthy Juicer can also be used for other produce including fruit and hard vegetables. It is recommended that the wheatgrass blades be cut into pieces with a pair of scissors, and all other fruit and vegetables, especially the hard vegetables be cut into smaller cubes.

The Farre Healthy Juicer is light and compact, ideal for travelling.

This is not a replacement for an Oscar Juicer. It is not suitable for high production; it requires manual effort and does not produce comparable juice quantities, with the exception of wheatgrass.

PLEASE NOTE: When operating this juicer, if you feel resistance it is important not to force through the resistance but rather to reverse the handle and remove the produce causing the obstruction. Note this equipment is not made of steel.



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