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Health Bounce Pro


Health Bounce Pro R2600.  Includes links to information and workout videos.

FOR COURIER COSTS to your area please contact Sern at 0825790440 or

Includes FREE WORK OUT DVD and The Miracle Exercise DVD as Electronic Download [.mp4]

On The Rebound is a 45 min video which includes instruction and a 35 min workout divided into 3 sections: Warm up * Aerobic & Strength training * 3-minute lymph-pat down.

Miracle Exercise is a clear and precise presentation of WHY rebounding is claimed to be such a phenomenal activity.  Showing how the effects and benefits of rebounding go WAY beyond exercise!!!

PLUS Information, Guidelines and Techniques on how to use a Rebounder OPTIMALLY for both HEALTH and fitness benefits.

DID YOU KNOW? Even a gentle bounce (where your feet do not leave the mat) BOOSTS IMMUNITY, ENERGY, STRENGTHENS YOUR CELLS and flushes out your LYMPHATIC SYSTEM
Rebounding is one of the only activities that EXERCISES EVERY organ, gland, muscle, bone and cell in your body. It’s invaluable as a preventative measure, as well as assisting in RECOVERY from illness, injury and disease.
It BURNS MORE CALORIES than running and is a highly effective MUSCLE TONER.

TO PURCHASE YOUR REBOUNDER PLEASE Contact us on 0825790440 or to find out the courier costs to your area.

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•  EASY TO TRANSPORT & STORE – Folds in half with strong steel hinges
• High Quality mat with yellow safety edge indicator
• 6 spring-loaded extra wide legs (Extra Strong connections and easy to assemble/fold down) with 6 thick heavy duty rubber shoes.
• 36 x 22-coil, JUMBO-TAPERED SPRINGS which are secured onto the frame with 36 individual steel bolts.
• Suitable for participants weighing up to 130kg’s
• Includes manual with instruction and guidelines for set up, safety and basic rebounding techniques.


– Opened frame diameter 102cm’s,
– folded in bag 102cm x 51cm,
– height off the floor 26cm’s,
– weight 13.5kg’s.


  • One of ReboundSa’s high quality world class Rebounders with the SMART CHOICE™ seal of approval

PLUS information, guidelines and techniques on how to use a Rebounder OPTIMALLY for both HEALTH and fitness benefits:

 12 x Rebound workouts (from 3 – 30 mins) by Justine & Keith who have worked with therapists and health professionals for over 15 years to perfect these safe and highly effective techniques.

  • 3 x 20 min workouts by Sally Ross from the Body Workshop.
  • Access to 6 x Live Zoom classes with Mirna Bothma from Mirna’s Aerobic studio in Ermelo.
  • A full presentation on HOW AND WHY REBOUNDING WORKS.
  • Demonstrations on HOW TO PERFECT REBOUNDING TO OPTIMIZE your sessions to achieve the ultimate workout.
  • Rebounding for Health and Fitness, by Keith and Justine McFarlane in PDF format.
  • The Cell Power e-course.
  • Comprehensive video’s on how to take full care of your Rebounder.
  • And of course, ReboundSA’s renowned after sales service – where all customers are welcome to call, or message Keith or Justine directly for any further advice or guidance.
  • All video’s can be streamed or downloaded – a link to all downloads & classes will be sent to you with your Rebound purchase

TO PURCHASE YOUR REBOUNDER PLEASE Contact us on 0825790440 or to find out the courier costs to your area.

ReboundSA products and programs have been approved by the Cancer Association of SA as SMART CHOICE™ products – they are the ONLY Health and Fitness company in SA that has been approved to carry this seal.

The presenters of these bonus programs, ReboundSA’s own Keith and Justine, have trained over 95% of rebounding instructors in South Africa – their presentations are user friendly, easy to follow, and highly effective.
Using the Right Rebounder – NOT ALL REBOUNDERS ARE EQUAL.

It is crucial that you use a rebounder with the ‘SOFT BOUNCE’, as this  will prevent the jarring effect hurting your joints and nerves and most importantly keep it fun.  Always check the springs, the strength of the frame and the weight limit to ensure that it is suitable for your use.

Raw Works is proud to supply rebounders from the only company in South Africa, offering the ‘Soft Bounce’ rebounder at affordable pricing, as well as many years of expertise in the field of health and wellness.

TO PURCHASE YOUR REBOUNDER PLEASE Contact us on 0825790440 or to find out the courier costs to your area.



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