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Easysprout Sprouter


Patented Easysprout is a great BPA-Free easy to use sprouter. Suitable for all types of sprouts from small leafy sprouts such as alfalfa and clover, brassica such as broccoli and cabbage plus beans and grains. Excellent as a pre-sprouter for wheatgrass. Specially designed for excellent aeration and drainage.




Easysprout sprouter Features:
Excellent Drainage
Superior Air-Circulation (One of the most forgiving sprouters ever designed)
Extremely durable
Easy to clean
Dishwasher safe
Will sprout virtually any seed
Compensates for hot, humid conditions with a dynamic air-flow design
Kosher (genuine!)
Simplify and enhance “Travel Sprouting”
Easysprout sprouter Specifications:
Growing capacity = 1 litre
17.8cm tall
8.3cm across the bottom
11.4cm across the topEasysprout-5-pieces
Made of BPA free High Density Polyethylene
(Fortiflex T50-3600 HDP)
Made in the USA

The Parts:
1) Bottom drainage Growing Vessel
2) Ventilating outer container
3) Special Insert to prevent small seeds like alfalfa and clover falling through
4) Ventilated dome Lid that doubles as a measuring cup
5) Flat storage lid
6) Flat Vented Travel Lid (not pictured)
It looks exactly like #5, but it has holes in it


The Easysprout can produce up to 450g of Leafy Sprouts or 900g of Bean or Grain Sprouts.
Excess water drains into the solid base, so you can leave it anywhere without worrying about making a
With the snap on Vented Flat Lid, which allows great air circulation even with the Growing Vessel sitting down in the Outer Container, you can take your Easysprout sprouters everywhere you go. Now you can Easysprout while travelling!


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