The Detox that Anyone can do – even YOU!


  • Wish you had more Energy?
  • Problems with Digestion?
  • Constipated?
  • Battle to lose or gain Weight?
  • Do you have Aches & Pains, Headaches, Joint pain,
  • Rashes, Eczema, Acne, Heartburn or Excess Gas?
  • If you suffer from any of the above



  • Good Digestion, Assimilation & Elimination
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Abundant Energy for Life.


The Detox that Anyone can do – even YOU!


  • What is the best way of DETOXING?
  • Ever struggled to stay on a detox?
  • Or to maintain the benefits after the detox?
  • What to do when you feel you can’t carry on.
  • Is detoxing just about the food we eat?
  • Is a detox only about Juicing?
  • What more is there to a detox?
  • What to do BEFORE you begin your detox.
  • Let’s talk about Elimination and what to do.
  • More about enemas and Colon Irrigation.
  • All this and more!
  • Lots of Practical Demos * Information & Notes
  • Delicious Juices * Smoothies * and More!
  • 7 Day Plan
  • Tips for quick fun Exercise & Body care
  • Tasting all the time
  • Delicious juices, smoothies
  • What’s a Chunky Chalad Salad?
  • PLUS Free Juice/Smoothie Mug

Experience your first day on a detox

We encourage you to eat lighter the day before the workshop

And try not to eat before you come: Have 2 glasses of water, one with lemon juice. And a vegetable juice or smoothie

If you do this, by the time you get home, you would have experienced your first day on a detox

Time to take out the Trash

Our bodies are designed to function optimally. And this amazing “machine” called our bodies can heal itself given the right food, rest and exercise. But when we overload our systems as is usually the case over December, it needs some assistance.

The DETOX Workshop with a difference. The Detox that Anyone can do – even YOU!

At Raw Works, Northcliff, Johanneburg (Directions with Confirmation)

Would you like to co-ordinate or host a Detox Workshop and get one place free?

Contact for  information about hosting/co-ordinating a workshop


DETOXING is a natural process and is occurring in our bodies all the time. If you’re living, breathing and burning calories, you’re producing toxins that need to be removed or neutralized. Our bodies are designed to function optimally, and neutralise or remove any toxins produced while forming new cells. This amazing “machine” called our bodies can heal itself given the right food, rest and exercise.

The problem arises, when we eat incorrectly and at the wrong time; or we don’t exercise as we should; when we live a very stressful life and go to bed too late and/or don’t get enough sleep. When we live in a toxic environment, subjected to air, water and EMR pollution, we end up with TOXIN OVERLOAD

Our bodies are designed to function optimally, given the correct food, rest and exercise. And this amazing “machine” called our bodies can heal itself given the right food, rest and exercise.

Sadly, if we are not living in nature with abundant fresh air and access to clean spring water, we are subjected to so many pollutants. Apart from the air, water and food pollution, we are also exposed to EMR – on our cells all day, using computers, TV and more! Our homes are electrified and if you sleep next to an electrical outlet (or there is one in the room behind your bed) then you are subjected to these energy fields art night while you sleep

We need to CLEAN UP OUR ACT in order to feel vital and full of ENERGY FOR LIFE!

And somehow, society has lost its way in terms of the food we eat. Supermarkets are filled with delicious, quick meals; and packaged or canned options that will take less time to prepare. Restaurants are everywhere, serving tantalizing and “innovative” dishes and when we entertain, we tend to use recipes with elaborate combinations.

Imagine if you could find a restaurant that practised good healthy food preparation, correct food combining and used only the best, organic plant-based ingredients. Imagine serving your guests a MONO MEAL of just one ingredient, or making sure that they wait at least 2 hours after the meal before eating fruit. Imagine insisting that they don’t drink during their meal. And imagine if you served them only fresh, unprocessed, organic plant-based whole foods. If you could do this, and your friends/family enjoyed the meal and complimented you, then you are moving in a circle of very health-conscious people. And if this is the way you currently eat, then chances are you don’t really need to detox!

But, given where we are at this point in time, it is difficult to expect such a huge shift. And most of us make as many adjustments to the SAD diet, as we can. And sometimes, like during festive seasons and family occasions, birthdays and anniversaries, or just the usual party, we tend to join in and enjoy the delicious, tantalizing foods prepared, even if we know what we should or shouldn’t eat. We forget or choose to ignore, for a moment, the consequences we know we will have to face the next day, or as we grow older. And so, from time to time, we choose, instead to DETOX.

We take a day or three or a week or two and change what we’re doing. We go on juice or water fasts or smoothie detox programmes. We eat only raw, plant-based foods and we feel great! Our constipation disappears, we sleep better and we have so much more energy (after the initial detox “yukkie” elimination process of course!). But what about AFTER the detox? Not many of us manage to MAINTAIN the equilibrium of healthy eating after the detox. And it stresses the body tremendously if you go right back to eating in a way that does not serve the body.

That is why I have designed the FIVE LANE DETOX PROGRAMME

The Detox that Anyone can do – even YOU!

Join us at the DETOX WORKSHOP with a difference, if you live close to us,

OR email us at if you are interested in the E-book which will be available in the near future.




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