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Juicing changed my life! In 2008, I was a member of the CCC brigade (Chocolates, Chips and Coffee/Coca Cola) and was ruled by food cravings. When I began juicing, I was amazed at how my taste buds changed and how the cravings left me. Now I know that I was mineral deficient. That is what cravings are! Our body speaks to us all the time, the only problem is that if we are eating refined and processed foods, we lose the ability to interpret our body’s messages. Drinking 750 ml of vegetable juice per day will feed your cells and end your craving.

SLOW MASTICATING JUICERS WHICH ARE COLD EXTRACTION, ARE THE ULTIMATE CHOICE  for anyone really interested in improving health or wanting to experience a healthier lifestyle. These low speed juice extractors produce juice that is pure, unheated, with enzymes and life force intact, unlike the centrifugal juicers (the juicers that spin around at a faster speed) that oxidize the juice, compromising some of the nutrients.

WE STOCK BOTH THE OSCAR JUICERS AND THE NEW IMPROVED DNA WHOLE FOOD VERTICAL JUICER. These slow, masticating juicers ensure that you get maximum nutritional value AND you can keep the juice (in a glass bottle in the fridge or in a Vacu-save) for 24 hours without losing the nutritional value. Another huge PLUS is the strength of the motor which has a 10 year warranty and all parts are replaceable.