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1. Remember to keep hydrated. Often we think we are hungry when we are,
in fact, thirsty. By the time we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated. Drink
a minimum of 300 ml purified water for every 10 kg of body weight to ensure you
have adequate water. Increase your quota after exercising; or in extreme heat.
Drinking a lot of water after too much sugar will help to flush your system.
Water is crucial when flying, as dehydration is one of the contributing factors
to jet-lag.

2. Never arrive at a party or function hungry. This will make it even
more difficult to resist the tempting snacks that are usually very high in salt
and trans fats. Eat something healthy and delicious before going.

3. Offer to take a dish (a scrumptious salad or raw dessert) if you are
dining at someone’s home. This will ensure that there is something raw for you
to eat.

4. Apply the 50:50 principle. If you do feel like indulging, make sure
there is 50 % raw on your plate. And begin your meal with the raw which will get
the enzymes flowing.

5. Pay it forward: Have an 80 – 100% raw day the day before the function
to balance out. And if there are consecutive days filled with functions, then
eat 80 – 100 % raw for ¾ of the day.

6. Increase your Omega 3s (Hemp seeds/powder; Chia seeds; Flax seed and
Greens) and decrease your intake of Omega 6s. Most of us are eating more Omega-6
than Omega-3 which creates a craving for fatty foods. Excess bad fats create a
plug in the lymphatic circulation. This means organs get less oxygen and
nutrients and fail to function optimally. Avoid all the bad, trans fats
(fried foods, heated oils, processed foods, potato chips).

7. If you do indulge and don’t feel energised and happy, treat
yourself to a juice feast
. If a full day on vegetable juices sounds too
difficult, then begin after lunch until lunch the next day. Enjoy a variety of
vegetable juices, herb teas and lemon water. Make sure you include parsley,
celery and cucumber, as they will feed your body with the necessary minerals;
and cucumber is a diuretic.

8. Stick to the cardinal rules of food combining:

  • Eat all melons alone or leave them alone
  • Eat fruit at least 20 – 30 mins before a meal and not directly after.
  • Do not combine complex carbohydrates and protein. This means eating your
    starches like rice, potato and bread, etc with salads and vegetables. And
    your Protein like fish, meat, legumes, etc with salads and vegetables.

9. Keep your lymph system working at optimum performance by exercising.
The best form for lymph drainage, is rebounding!
aids lymphatic
circulation by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in the lymphatic
system: it circulates more oxygen to the tissues; improves resting metabolic
rate so that more calories are burned for hours after exercise and enhances
digestion and elimination processes. Every time you you are literally cleaning
out your lymphatic system.

10. Let go of stress and worry. Be happy, forgive yourself if you do
indulge. Get enough sleep. Laugh. Do some laugh yoga – it aids the digestion!



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