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Getting Started




1. Hydrate: First thing on waking, drink water – preferably warm water
with lemon juice. How much should you drink daily? About 300ml per 10kg body
weight. So, if you weigh 50-60kg, you need to drink 1½ to 2 litres of water per
day. If you find this daunting, then try drinking 250 ml every two hours, or 125
ml every one hour, to build up your daily quota. Add mint leaves/ginger/lemon
juice to your water. Did you now that by the time you feel thirsty, you are
already dehydrated. And remember, we often think we are hungry when we are
thirsty! Make sure you are drinking GOOD, filtered water. For different water
systems, contact

2. Eliminate/Reduce Processed and Fast Foods (They have very little
nutritional value and perpetuate your cravings).

3. Begin every meal with raw food to get the enzymes going. Example;
Fruit 30 minutes before breakfast; a salad or juice before your main meal; and
only have raw snacks (fruit, nuts, seeds) in between.

4. Exclude all dairy. Our bodies cannot easily assimilate the calcium
in Cow’s milk. In fact, when we consume dairy, it causes acidity and to balance
this, calcium is leached from our bones. So dairy does not prevent osteoporosis,
it can cause it! Calcium from almonds, broccoli and dark green leafy vegetables
is better assimilated by the body!. Learn how to make nut milks and cheeses. See
Introduction to Raw Workshop.

5. Fire the Bad Fats! No more deep fried foods, margarine or any
heated oils. Use cold-pressed oils in salads. If you do heat oil, use organic
cold-pressed coconut oil as it does not turn to a trans- fat when heated, like
all the other oils do. We get all the fat we need from cold pressed oils;
olives, avocado, coconuts, nuts and seeds. We also have a range of protein
powders available at Raw Works. (Remember: Always soak your nuts and seeds as
they have enzyme inhibitors which prevent them being digested. Soaking releases
this inhibitor. Throw away the soak water)

6. Eliminate refined sugars. Use honey or stevia. Buy a stevia plant
(available from raw Works or your local nursery) or get the green powdered
leaves from us.

7. Drink Vegetable Juices !

8. Add the Magic of sprouts to your diet – see more information under The Magic of sprouts

9. A Smoothie a Day keeps the Doctor at Bay especially if you include
dark leafy greens. Attend a Raw Works Smoothie Workshop

10. Drink your Food and chew your juice. This means you need to chew
until the food is liquid as digestion begins in the mouth. And when you drink
your vegetable juices, savour the liquid in your mouth awhile before swallowing.

11. Exercise to move your lymphatic system – Choose something you
really enjoy! Rebounding? Walking? Cycling? Hiking? Gardening? NIA? Dancing?
Whatever you choose, make sure you ENJOY doing it! And do it every day. Thirty
minutes exercise daily is better than two hours once a week.

And MOVE! Especially if you work at a desk. Having a Rebounder changed my life!

12. Attend an Introduction to Raw Food Workshop so that you can learn
how delicious raw food can be without dairy, wheat and refined sugar and all the
ingredients you have been told to eliminate.

13. Detox negative thoughts and emotions. Watch, Read and listen to
motivational, uplifting books, CDs and DVDs. Visit and treat
yourself to a TRE session. Learn more about EFT.

14. Mix with like-minded people. You need support, especially as
friends and family members will call you crazy. Take them to a lunch at the
Leafy Greens Cafe in Muldersdrift where they serve a delicious raw and cooked
vegan buffet on Saturdays and Sundays. Get yourself a “Raw Buddy” and sign up
for our newsletter to hear about local and internet events.



More about what you need to get started

Genuine desire to learn more about Raw foods and the benefits of following a 50% raw food diet and aiming for 70 - 100% raw.

Commitment and Perseverance – What are you prepared to give up? What are you prepared to add to your lifestyle in order to achieve what you want

Information so that you can understand the benefits and principles of eating more raw foods. Introduction to Raw will give you a comprehensive overview and enable you to get started right away on a journey to more energy read more and better health.

Books: To begin with, a recipe book that will help you get started from basics. Books about Raw (Juicing, Healing, Green Smoothies; Physical and Emotional Detox, and the Benefits of Raw, are also very supportive to help you stay on the journey. Raw Works has a number of these available read more .

More time every day to prepare raw foods. I haven’t found any way to increase the hours in a day J but I have found equipment that will help save many hours! read more

Equipment: Use what you have in your kitchen. Necessity is the mother of invention, so be inventive. If you really want to achieve results, there is always a way to do it! If you are able to start incorporating equipment that will make the journey easier, then take a look at what is available at the our online store read more



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