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Rebounding has longevity because it is easy to commit to as it is highly enjoyable, time efficient – and leaves you feeling de-stressed, invigorated and energised! People who rebound find they are able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous. TO ORDER please contact 0825790440 or to find out courier costs to your area.
HOW THE REBOUNDING G-FORCE AFFECTS YOUR CELLS by ReboundSA | Mar 22, 2017 ,  When you rebound, you bounce approximately 100 times a minute. At the top of each bounce, your ENTIRE body, including your clothes and hair – are weightless. There is no drag or pull from gravity and you weigh 0kg. A moment later, at the bottom

Pet Treat Recipes

MAKE YOUR OWN DEHYDRATED PET TREATS Tasty * Healthy * Safe * Effortless *Easy With the KUTO Dehydrator. For more info about this beautiful Dehydrator Order from Sern 0825790440 or   Apple Oat Crisps, suitable for ALL PETS Ingredients 1 cup / 2 small apples / 1½ medium / 1 large apple½ cup
We all know that we should be eating organic wholefoods as far as possible and avoiding processed and de-natured foods. But we often forget that it is not only WHAT WE EAT that is important. HOW and WHEN we eat is CRUCIAL. Here are THREE MAJOR HABITS to create when eating, that will ensure that


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