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If you are here, it means you are ready for CHANGE or you are in the process of changing your lifestyle. You are either following more of a raw food diet and want to know more about what is available, especially in the form of classes, workshops, books, equipment and advice, or you are here because you are intrigued… you’ve heard about how beneficial incorporating more raw food in your diet can be, you’ve even heard that you can make raw cakes, nut milks and vegetable spaghetti and you want to know more. Or you’ve been told by a health practitioner that you need to give up wheat and/or dairy and sugar and just like me, when I started my journey in 2008, you’re wondering , “What’s left if I give all that up! Or you lead a healthy lifestyle, and you want to know more about fun ways of including raw foods in delicious, healthy meals. READ MORE


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How to make raw meals, snacks
treats, juices and smoothies
Using natural plant based foods
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For about 40 years I had tried every diet under the sun, the process was unpleasant and the weight soon returned. Now, for the first time in my life, I have lost 23kg AND kept it off for over 2 years! I am no longer ruled by food cravings. And the best thing I have not felt deprived!
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Making healthy meals has never been easier with our modern food preparation equipment and books.Please on the image to view our current specials
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At Raw Works we have sourced out the best equipment, supa foods and raw food books to make your journey to health easy and effortless. These items will help you easily prepare the most tasty foods and healthy and healing foods.
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